About MSA Apparel

MSA apparel was established in 2009 by David Saff and Moey Fallas. A division of The Miss Group, (a leader in Missy junior and girls domestic fashions) We have taken advantage of our market presence and manufacturing capabilities to become one of the fastest growing screen print and fashion companies today.

In 2013, Brian Kraiem was added to our partnership, bringing with him more than 20 years of domestic screen printing and production knowledge into the fold as well as a full service print  and tie dye facility currently located in New Brunswick, NJ. Since we own our print facility our lead times and quality are second to none. Since we control our Warehouse, we can offer full package services including pre-ticketing and direct to store packing and shipping

We have an ever growing license roster of TV, brands, famous icons, books and movies, and our design team combines each license with current trends to create desirable, fashion tops in all categories.Our distribution covers all tiers of the market due to our ability to reach each type of customer including, Fashion, Specialty, Department and Mid-tier.